Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hey everyone,

This is Alla Kar. I'm starting a blog for my romance novels only. I have two previous novels under my real name from Black Opal Books, that will be out in 2013. My first romance novel RANCH HAND will be out soon from RED SAGE PUBLISHING.

Ranch Hand is about Bridget Gaines that has made something out of herself. Living in New York, as an editor at Harper Teen and engaged to Christopher Bentley an up and coming lawyer, she knows her life is what she wants. Until she finds herself rushing back to Texas to see her dying grandfather. That is when everything goes to hell.

Levi James is still the stubborn; jaw dropping, sexy as hell cowboy she knew when she left him for New York when she was eighteen. He works as a ranch hand for her papaw at their farm and she can’t seem to get rid of the feelings she has for him. When Christopher comes down a few weeks later, Levi is irately jealous and Bridget can’t fight the pleasure she gets from seeing him that way.

A kindling romance from her past and a stable one from her future, Bridget will have to fight her senses and pick the love she wants for the rest of her life and leave the other one alone forever. 

I look forward for everyone to read it. 

Alla Kar

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  1. Sounds like a smexy read! Right up my alley! Congratulations!!!