Thursday, May 23, 2013

New NA Book! Open for discussion!

Hi everyone. I'm thrilled to say that I have a new NA Romance out called Teach Me. For some unknown reason, my blog refuses to upload the new cover for Teach Me. So, the blurb is pasted below.

Sarah Thomas’ life is comfortable. She is almost finished with college, has a steady boyfriend and her own apartment. It isn’t until she stumbles into her new next-door-neighbor that her comfortable world is turned on its side. She has more than homework to worry about now.

Liam Downs is tattooed, tall, sexy and a smooth talker. He had wanted Sarah ever since she stumbled over his dog outside his new apartment complex. Having her was something he had to have.

Until he met her again as a student in his new Survey of Civ class.
Very excited about this one. It's the first book in the Love Me Series. The second installment is Play Me about a college nursing student and a star baseball player. Can't wait to start it.
Also, I'm working on the second (final) novel to Make Me Yours. I'm trying to make it the best I can, because some absolutely love it and others not so much. I'm told that always happens, some love it and some hate it. So, I like everyone's comment and go on the best I can.
I'm also trying something new. I'm going to leave the comments opened for anyone who wants to give me suggestions on what they want to see in novels, or what they do not want to see in novels.
I'm hoping this will draw attention to my blog, and give me some ideas on what exactly readers want. I know everyone wants different things, but I'm hoping I can use some in my books to come.
Even if you didn't like any of my books, thank you for reading and giving them a chance.
Warm Hugs,
Alla Kar


  1. I love your series Make Me Yours can't wait till Forever Yours comes out.